To foster a spirit of friendship through social and professional association among lawyers and judges;

To continue and improve the legal education of its members;

To render mutual aid and assistance to its members;

To promote Italian culture and the general welfare of its members and the improvement of the practice of the law;

And to participate in civic and community affairs so as to insure the proper administration of justice.

The Italian American Lawyers Association, a Los Angeles-area bar association, was founded in 1977. It is known for its outstanding speakers, authentic Italian meals, and an energy that is unique to our bar association.

Annual events include “California Supreme Court Night,” featuring the Chief Justice and Associate Justices of our state’s high court, “Gaelic and Garlic Night,” held with the Irish American Bar Association., “Marco Polo Night,” held with the Southern California Chinese Lawyers Association and the Japanese American Bar Association., “Hall of Fame Night,” where we honor prominent members of our community, and the “Installation Ball.”

Our meetings are informative, and never dull. Every meeting is a celebration. We celebrate being together, and being of Italian heritage. Those who aren’t of Italian heritage celebrate along with us! We hold our meetings at Casa Italiana, a meeting hall that is filled with good feeling, as well as aromas emanating from the kitchen reminding us of family dinners.

The IALA is a family. Look around our website, leaf through our family photo album, and be introduced to some lawyers and judges in a relaxed, comfortable setting. When you come to Los Angeles, join us at our meetings on the third Wednesday of the month.
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Italian American Lawyers Association honors the retiring Chief Justice at its annual Supreme Court Night December 7, 2010

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