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  • 05 Nov 2015 12:26 PM | Blake Bell (Administrator)
  • 20 Oct 2015 8:44 AM | Blake Bell (Administrator)

    Our 2015 theme has been “Discovering the REAL Italian Americans” as suggested by America’s favorite Italian Mother, Doris Roberts, who has shown gracious support by attending our meetings.

    Following the installation Ball on a warm, January, moonlit night at the California Club’s  veranda, at our February meeting our speaker was Ned Colletti, Vice President of the Los Angeles Dodgers. In March we had the Downtown California Los Angeles Superior Court research attorneys speak to us about motion practice. Next, we had the honor of hosting Janet Napolitano, former Homeland Security Secretary and Governor of Arizona and current President of the University of California, who spoke to 250 dinner guests at our April meeting.

    In May, the Hon. Antonio Verde Consul General of Italy recognized Sir Bruno Serato, a prominent local chef who provides food to over a thousand homeless kids a day.  Our members raised $5000 for his efforts to feed under privileged children.

    In June we had Italian history lessons featuring Joe Sena, Nationally Known Immigration Attorney and current President of the National Italian-American Bar Association together with Marianne Gatto, Executive Director of the Italian American Museum of Los Angeles.

    July was a fun filled night of song and friendly rivalry between the Irish Bar and the Italian Bar, with Irish tenors dueling with Italian opera singer. It was an exciting evening that we call “Gaelic and Garlic Night.” August was a mixer with a fabulous buffet dinner.

    In September, we held our annual Marco Polo Night, featuring Councilman Ryu along with the Chinese bar, the Japanese bar and the Korean bar.

    In December we will hold our famous California Supreme Court event, and we look forward to seeing you there.

    David R. DiJulio, President

  • 20 Oct 2015 8:41 AM | Blake Bell (Administrator)

    Milan is currently hosting Expo 2015 from May 1 to October 31, 2015, the most important universal exhibition of food and nutrition ever organized.  With over 70 restaurants distributed in different Pavilions representing more than 140 countries in the world, Expo 2015 is located at Fiera Milano, the Expo 2015 Exposition Site is well connected to airports, shuttles and train stations.

    For those who have not had the fortune of attending, what can one expect?
    Expo Milano 2015 is surely a place where you can taste amazing and unique food in 80 eco-friendly Pavilions. Indeed, every Pavilion is an architectonic masterpiece.

    In each Pavilion, you can admire different exhibitions and expositions. Also, you would have a chance to taste the characteristic food of a country surrounded by a unique Pavilion. Also, all the different and stunning pavilions are surrounded by works of art. You can admire The Guardians of the Food by Dante Ferretti, the amazing Tree of Life by Daniel Lezama, Andy Warhol’s Album Velvet Underground and several more art masterpieces.

    But Expo Milano 2015 is not only a place to enjoy food and fine cuisine. 

    As its Expo theme, Italy chose “Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life.” Several International organizations and Civil Societies collaborated to follow five main thematic routes throughout all Site: The history of humankind, the history of food; Feast and feminine, a contemporary paradox; The future of food; Sustainable food = an equitable world; Taste is knowledge. The Exposition Site hosts four thematic areas: Pavilion Zero, developed on the theme of the history of humankind and its relationship with food; Future Food District, where it is explained how technology will modify food conservation, trade, and consumption; the Children’s Park, a space where children can learn about food history while having fun with the Expo Milano Mascot, Foody; and the Biodiversity Park, a garden where some ecosystems are reproduced.  Expo Milano 2015 is a great occasion to reflect upon the contradictions that the whole world is facing regarding the food’s distribution: in fact, there are still the hungry (approximately 870 million people were undernourished in the period 2010-2012) but, on another hand, there are those who die from ailments linked to poor nutrition or too much food (approximately 2.8 million deaths from diseases related to obesity or to being overweight in the same period). In addition, it is estimated that about 1.3 billion tons of foods are wasted every year. Expo Milano 2015 wants to be an encouragement to “make conscious political choices, develop sustainable lifestyles, and use the best technology to create a balance between the availability and the consumption of resources.”

    Without any doubts, Expo Milano 2015 has been hailed as a success, both from the standpoint of an enjoyable exposition, as well as being a forum to educate us about the importance of a balanced diet and the relationship between men and food.

    Valeria Granata

  • 16 Jul 2015 12:39 PM | Richard Tucci (Administrator)
    Join us!

    Members of NIABA throughout the USA are invited to attend a CLE  program in Rome, Italy, on October 20-22, 2015 (Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday).

    The NIABA Rome program features 6 lectures, which have been approved by a sponsor of CLE credits for State of California. Importantly, most states -- including New York -- recognize the CLE credits for other states by reciprocity; and no action may be required to validate the 12 CLE credits in your home state.

    If you have any clients who travel to Italy, do business in Italy, or own real property in Italy, your expenses of attending to the program are valid business deductions for Federal income tax purposes.

    The program permits free time in the middle of each day. Without doubt, a week in Rome can be appreciated as a personal experience beyond any measure of value.

    This notice is our second call to NIABA members to attend the Rome program; and you should proceed now with your reservations per the brochure. If you have already registered and have not yet paid your registration fee, please do so immediately. 

    If you have any questions, please contact us.

    Paul Finizio 

    NIABA Vice President



    Charles DiLorenzo,  

    NIABA Treasurer


  • 23 Jun 2015 5:08 PM | Richard Tucci (Administrator)

    As a service to our members, IALA organized a short presentation by Joe Sena (nationally known immigration attorney and President of the National Italian American Bar Association) and Marianne Gatto (Executive Director of the Italian American Museum of Los Angeles) on the history of Italians in America. 

    Below is the reading list provided by the NIABA President.  

    Download Joe Sena Reading List Here

  • 27 May 2015 9:35 PM | Richard Tucci (Administrator)

    THURSDAY, MAY 28, 2015
    6:30 PM
    1023 Hilgard Avenue Los Angeles CA 90024

     RSVP is mandatory
    IIC members and Lingua Viva students enjoy priority access and seating
    Seating is available on a first come, first served basis

  • 15 May 2015 8:22 AM | Richard Tucci (Administrator)

    The Supportive Pasta of an Italian American Chef

    Originally posted on Radio Vaticana, translated by Google Translate

    Read the Original Italian Here

    Today, we hear the beautiful story of solidarity and food; an Italian chef who emigrated to the United States, who received a major Italian award dedicated to Nobel laureate Eugenio Montale. The goal of his commendable initiative: feed the children of the California suburbs called "motel kids" with a plate of pasta. Federica Baioni met the chef originally from Verona, Bruno Serato:

    Register for IALA's Dinner with Sir Bruno, here.

    R. - First of all, the "motel kids" what are they? They are children who live with their parents in these motel rooms that were in the 50 hotels and have now become the residence of these families also live there six, seven, eight people, and there is also no kitchen, so even if the Mom wanted to eat, she would not have a chance. On 18 April 2005 I came to see my mother from Italy, San Bonifacio, Verona, and we went to an area called "Boys and Girls Club," where disadvantaged children usually go in the afternoon. There was a seven year old boy who was eating the chips and they said it was a "motel kid" and explained to me that very probably would not eat that night for dinner. And the first thing, as good Italian mother, my mother said to me: "But Bruno, because he did not make a plate of pasta?". This week 10 years that we have started and we are now in 1200 plates of pasta a day every day for 10 years. And a few days ago we celebrated the meal number 1 million for these "motel kids". And it's a beautiful finish, not the level of a million, but that level of solidarity I have done something important on behalf of mother Caterina.

    D. - Well ... a large number, so much so that international publications have dealt with you, including CNN in the first place: what do you mean, what message would you give to your colleagues Italian chef?

    R. - I say that if all the chefs in the world join hands, starting from here, from Italy, we can feed all the children who are hungry. You can not send a child to bed because he has nothing to eat. All together we can make a huge change. As we know there is Milan Expo soon. I believe that saving the Earth and give nutrition to those who need it is the least we can do.

    D. - Regarding your arrival in Italy, there is also a prize ...

    R. - Yes, this is a wonderful thing and that's why I came to Rome and then immediately giving birth to Sarzana, Liguria, because the prize is called "Out of Home: Sconfinando 2015" Prize laureate Eugenio Montale, cultural level is a wonderful thing, wonderful. So I'm very happy.

    D. - The Italian food in the US: you think that Italian food can still give new ideas in the world?

    R. - The Italian cuisine in America, is still considered the "number one". Italian food never ceases to grow, and then continues to move forward. But I, at the level of solidarity, I say that Italian food can feed the whole world. If we make a pasta dish all those who hunger We Feed the world. To this I say: we send the paste on top worldwide, to feed all those who need it.

    D. - In this week there is much talk of immigration. You're an immigrant too, because years ago you went to Verona for the United States, the new world: how was it for you to embrace a new country, especially as it was the first impression of a country that was not the yours?

    R. - My parents were the first to emigrate after World War II went to France. I followed in their footsteps but I went a little 'further away, I went to California. America loves Italy: hugged me and opened my arms; It gave me so much and I - as it should do when it is given, must also give back - I'm giving it to America, to American children a plate of pasta. It is not a thing to miracles, it's so easy ... As for emigration, I say that we Italians are accepted throughout the world: we seek to accept those who come to Italy as an immigrant.

    Register for IALA's Dinner with Sir Bruno, here.

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